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What are the AGEs?
They are advanced end products, generated by the glycation: it’s just a not-enzymatic bond between sugar and protein

AGEs may cause arterial hypertension (especially in type2 diabetes), micro and macro aneurysms which can then result in stroke, therefore cardiovascular diseases and oxidative stress.

We can also find AGEs on the golden and toasted surfaces of fried and grilled food or on toasted bread. So, as well as being produced, they are ingested.
Many glycation reactions are necessary to ensure proper functioning of some molecules, but with high sugar concentration, the glycoproteins are created, and then transformed in AGES.
How to prevent AGEs effects?

Adopt a simple and healthy diet, avoiding elaborate cooking (grill, oven, fried), avoiding sugar and using aromatic herbs to flavour food

Don’t buy fast food, which is normally very elaborated and high in AGEs

Eat fresh fruit and vegetables

Pay attention to breakfast

The help of Nometfor

1 capsule in the morning on an empty stomach.

Finally, Nometfor gives you the opportunity to create a future and to control the aging effects.

All thanks to Carcinine and Chromium, which help blood sugar regulation, decreasing glycation and AGEs production.